E4E: English for Engineers.

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E4E is an online English education platform, specifically designed for engineers and scientists.

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So, why E4E?

英語のプレゼンテーションスキルの向上。Improve your presentation skills.

英語での論理的推論のスキルの向上。Improve your English reasoning skills.

国際学会や,外資系企業との面接対策。Prepare for international conferences, or interviews with foreign companies.

AI, IoT 関連のディスカッション。Discuss your ideas in high-tech topics such as AI, IoT.

専門的・技術的な表現の習得。Improve your vocabulary on specialised scientific topics.


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Mission Statement

E4E was founded as a small project with a mission of helping fellow Japanese scientists and engineers improve the English-speaking capability. We are not an ordinary an Eikaiwa school, but rather an educational platform where people from STEM (Science – Technology – Engineering – Mathematics) background could freely discuss, practice speaking English and become confident.
In addition, E4E wishes to become an enjoyable networking platform for young scientists and engineers in Japan, who usually spend most of their time in laboratories, construction sites and manufacturing plants. With this mission in mind, we strongly believe that one day, we could proudly say that we have contributed a small part in helping young Japanese scientists and engineers bridge the gap to the world.



私たちは,ただの英会話教室ではなく,STEM (科学,技術,工学,数学)のバックグラウンドを持つ人々が,グローバルな場面で自由にディスカッションできるような自信を身に付けるための教育プラットフォームになる事を目指しています.