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すべてのレッスンでは、Zoom、Microsoft Teams、GoogleMeetなどの標準のビデオ通話プラットフォームを使用しています。お好みのソフトウェアをお選びいただけます。また、レッスンをスムーズに行うために、カメラとマイクの使用をお勧めします。

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are the classes conducted online or offline?
    All of our classes are conducted online.
  2. Do you offer trial lessons?
    Yes, each student is eligible for a free trial lesson. In this lesson, we will talk about your experience of using English as well as future targets. Your English-speaking proficiency will also be evaluated to determine a corresponding difficulty level for your lessons.
  3. How long are the lessons?
    “English conversation for scientists and engineers” classes last 25 minutes each. “Special coaching” classes last 1 hour each.
  4. What are the technical requirements for the online classes?
    All of our lessons use standard video call platforms, such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Meet. You can choose the software that you prefer. Additionally, in order to conduct the lessons smoothly, we recommend the use of a camera and a microphone.
  5. Can I choose which instructor to study with?
    Yes, you can. However, we will allocate the instructor not only based on your preference but also based on instructors’ schedule. We cannot always guarantee that you will study with the instructor of your choice.
  6. What time are the lessons usually conducted?
    You can flexibly decide the lesson times you want. We will try to match your choice of instructor as well as lesson time.
  7. What is the difference between “English conversation” classes and “Special coaching” classes?
    In our syllabus, conversation classes are for students who want to study general English with some additional specialised vocabulary in science, engineering and technology.
    Special coaching classes are for students who want to engage in high-level technical debates and presentations. Examples are university students who want to attend international conferences, salarymen who want to present their products to foreign customers, or people who are moving abroad either for work or for an exchange program.
  8. How can I make payment for tuition fees?
    We will provide the details after you decide to take our lessons.
  9. What happens if I want to cancel or re-schedule a lesson?
    You can re-schedule a lesson up to 1 day before the planned lesson day. If you cancel on the day, it will be counted as cancellation and you will not be able to re-schedule this lesson.
  10. Do you offer a refund policy?
    Unfortunately, in order to encourage students to follow our entire teaching plan, we do not offer refunds. However, in the cases that you are not satisfied with our services, refunds are possible upon mutual discussion.

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