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Notification: recruiting students for Eikaiwa classes (June 2021 cohort)

こんにちは、E4Eです。 本日、2021年6月より開始する英会話教室の為に学生募集をお知らせ致します。 スピーキングのスキルアップの希望のある方々、それとも発音を向上させる希望のある方々(特に科学者及びエンジニア等の方々)がいらっしゃいましたら、ぜひぜひ連絡してください。 英会話クラスの授業料は以下の通りです。 Hi, this is E4E team. We are currently recruiting students for our Eikaiwa classes starting from June, 2021. If you know anyone that is interested in improving their English speaking skills and pronunciation, especially those in scientific and engineering fields, please do get in touch. The tuition fees for our Eikaiwa…

日本人のよくある発音の間違い: “r” と “l” について。。。

Hi, this is Henry from E4E. How are you all doing? みなさん、こんにちは、E4Eのヘンリーです。 Today, please kindly let me point out one of the common pronunciation mistakes by Japanese people. 本日は、日本人のよくある発音の間違いを指摘させて頂きたいと思っております。 I have a lot of Japanese friends who are amazing and talented, some of them even speak very fluent English. However, despite their English fluency, most…

Lessons started

Hi everyone, this is Henry from E4E :)Just wanted to say that our lessons have officially started from May 2021! We are currently conducting 3 Eikaiwa classes and 1 Presentation class per week.We look forward to welcoming you guys to our lessons. For any enquiries, please drop us an e-mail through our contact form:…

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